Confidence – a Year in Review

2017 was an epic year for lots of different reasons… Transformative, even. I also wore a lot of eye makeup and leather pants, so, you know. Happy New Year.

Going First

How helping other’s hearts heal and grow became one of the best ways to heal and grow my own heart…

Many Happy Returns

My journey is not only about surviving the challenges of mental health, but many physical ills as well … now I’m measuring it up with the future I dreamed in my youth.

Twenty Years Too Late

How I took bold steps to heal past traumas through sharing a twenty year old secret… Still too soon for some…

Hope In My Scars

How hope and purpose have grown out of despair, anxiety, and even self harm.

A Smoldering Wick

Anxiety, worry, and an overwhelming response when my faith feels like it’s fading…

Telling My Story

How I remember all this stuff, why I wrote it down, and what I hope it shares.