The Last Kiss Goodnight

How my heart was first broken…. and now in that brokenness, it finds healing.

A Smoldering Wick

Anxiety, worry, and an overwhelming response when my faith feels like it’s fading…

Telling My Story

How I remember all this stuff, why I wrote it down, and what I hope it shares.

Getting In & Going Forth

How getting into college taught me some valuable lessons about encouragement, dreams, choices, and God’s plan for my life. And getting detentions for swearing in the girls’ bathroom.

When I Almost Wasn’t

About two times I should have ended, how I survived, and now living to tell the tale.

The Monster: Part Two

After writing my previous blog, The Monster, I felt a very heavy conviction that I needed to take more proactive steps toward healing the residual effects of my addiction and the events that led up to it.
So I am.

The Monster

Bipolar, Addiction, and “Every Man’s Battle” – one girl’s struggle with monsters under her bed… because girls have X-rated feelings too.